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Fabio Degiovanni - Eicas degiovanni at
Mon Dec 8 15:23:48 UTC 2003

Dir Sirs,
             we are involved in a project in which we have to execute 
our code on an ERC32 platform with RTEMS. We are interested in 
simulators for ERC32 (TSIM, SIS, etc.). In particular we are interested 
in timing accuracy between the simulation and the execution on the 
hardware .  We require accuracy better than 5% between the execution 
time in the simulator and the execution time on the ERC32 target. Could 
you please advice me about what's the best simulator for getting this 
timing accuracy? Could you please indicate me some documentations about 
benchmarks executed both in the simulator and on the target hardware?
Is there a low cost development board for ERC32 for using it to evaluate 
the timing of our code on an ERC32 platform with RTEMS? 
Thank you very much for help

Fabio Degiovanni

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