RTEMS BSP for Soekris

Mike Siers mikes at poliac.com
Tue Dec 16 15:25:22 UTC 2003

Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone has tried to get RTEMS up and running 
on one the of Soekris Engineering boards.  The hardware was designed
for firewall and VPN router applications. They are also being used 
for Wireless network access points.  The boards currently can run 
scaled down versions of OpenBSD and FreeBSD.

The net4501 board uses a 133 Mhz 486 class processor (AMD ElanSC520)
with 64 Megs of RAM.  It also has a compact flash socket, three 10/100
ethernet ports, and a PCI expansion slot.  I believe the boards are 
using a Sis 900/7016 ethernet controller. Has anyone ported a network 
driver for this ethernet controller?

Below are a few links.


Mike Siers

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