m68k RTEMS build question

Paul Cadaret rtems at usd.com
Tue Dec 23 19:34:08 UTC 2003

In order to build the RTEMS  m68k-mvme162 target on Solaris I need to 
install a m68k version
of binutils & gcc/g++.   The other day I compiled and installed 
binutils-2.14 successfully for the
m68k-elf target.  Then I tried to get gcc-3.3.2 to compile for the same 
m68k-elf target.  It gets quite a
way through the build process but it dies during the configure process 
for libiberty because no
libc.a is yet available.   I followed the directions in a 
cross-gcc-howto that I found on the web
from 2000, but apparently it is out of date.

I would appreciate some guidance as to:
- what is the latest version of gcc that is known to build correctly for 
a m68k family target on solaris/unix
- any associated howto document that is known to work to setup a build 
environment suitable for RTEMS

Thanks much

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