IDE driver and sample up and running

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at
Sat Feb 22 10:18:54 UTC 2003


as mentioned some weeks earlier, I have now finished writing 
and testing low IDE drivers for the MBX8xx BSP (PCMCIA/Flash 
card) and PC386. I will submit them as GNATS PRs as soon as 
the oarcorp website is reachable again. In detail there are 
the following packages:

- A small patch for the "shell" to display the "modification 
time" in the "dir" listing (BTW: the shell is really great!)

- IDE driver additions from the MBX8xx and PC386 BSPs (based 
on a sample I received from Eugeny Mints)

- some modifications to the FAT filesystem package (including 
proper directory entry formating in "dot" notation and two 
modifications to the interpretation of partition information)

- a "fsmount" module (located in mibmisc) to allow mounting of 
file systems according to a customizable data structure table

- a "fileio" sample application, that allows to mount file 
systems and perform various file read and file write 
operations. This sample also allows benchmarking of file 

My development is based on the snapshot rtems-ss-20021111 
(with the newest FAT/DOSFS/ATA patches available), I hope it 
will integrate well into the current source snapshots.

Joel, will they make it into the upcoming release? On the one 
hand I think they are a major step to really USE the FATFS, 
but I hope I won't break anything....

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