Features planned for new RTEMS TCP/IP stack

Jitendra Vegiraju jvegiraju at netscape.net
Mon Jan 6 20:45:36 UTC 2003

      We are using RTEMS with networking support for a router application.
We are currently using natd for NAT support. We are not getting 
acceptable throughput  with this implemetation because of additional 
overhead involved with natd.Our memory band width limit and DMA 
complexity are compunding the problem.
I would like to know your opinion on  available NAT implementaions. 
Which implementation gives better performance and more application level 
gateway support.

Eric Norum wrote:

> I plan on releasing a new BSD stack as soon as there's a stable 
> release of RTEMS to base it on.  I will port the full termios code 
> from BSD, too -- get ready to rewrite all your terminal I/O device 
> handlers. 

       What feature set are you planning for the next BSD stack upgrade? 
May I ask you about the time frame for the release? :)
Thanks in advance.
Jitendra Vegiraju

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