Timers problem

Ilian Donev idonev at flairbase.com
Wed Jan 8 20:44:02 UTC 2003

Hello all,

I'm new to RTEMS world and was (finally) able to build my first RTEMS
(4.5.0) with success on a PC running Mandrake Linux.
I installed the latest precompiled tools for Linux from the "cd-working"
directory and configured RTEMS for an i386 target, with bsp pc586 for
testing purposes on a PC.
All the demos compiled just fine. I picked the standard "Hello world" app
and booted from a floppy using GRUB. Everything was just perfect. I tried
several other apps from the sample directory
( tasks, semaphores, etc ) and was pleased with the results. So far, so
Then the problem: each time I try to run an app which uses the
"Timer_Initialize " function I get the error "raw handler connection
I recompiled RTEMS for bsp pc386, tried it again on several PCs - same

What could be the problem ?

Thank you in advance !

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