pc386 benchmark timer driver Re: Timers problem

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Wed Jan 8 21:16:31 UTC 2003

I clarified the subject just to point out that this is a BSP driver
specific problem -- it is not related to the Timer managers in
the Classic, POSIX, or ITRON APIs.


> Hello all,
> I'm new to RTEMS world and was (finally) able to build my first RTEMS (4.5.0) with success on a PC running Mandrake Linux. 
> I installed the latest precompiled tools for Linux from the "cd-working" directory and configured RTEMS for an i386 target, with bsp pc586 for testing purposes on a PC.
> All the demos compiled just fine. I picked the standard "Hello world" app and booted from a floppy using GRUB. Everything was just perfect. I tried several other apps from the sample directory
> ( tasks, semaphores, etc ) and was pleased with the results. So far, so good. 
> Then the problem: each time I try to run an app which uses the "Timer_Initialize " function I get the error "raw handler connection failed". 
> I recompiled RTEMS for bsp pc386, tried it again on several PCs - same error.
> What could be the problem ? 

This is a problem with this BSP's benchmark timer driver.

Does the file c/src/lib/libbsp/i386/pc386/timer/timer.c have versions of
function for both a pentium class CPU and a default 486 and below

I suspect that if both versina re there that gcc is not defining the
expecting cpp flag to indicate the CPU model.  The code is looking 
for pentium to be defined when on a 586 or above class x86 so you will
know that the "rdtsc" instruction should be used for benchmarking.

> Thank you in advance !

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