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Thu Jan 16 09:43:17 UTC 2003

I am debugging a realtek 8139 NIC driver for RTEMS according the "RTEMS network supplement". According to chapter 4.3: driver basic operaiton, I edit the networkconfig.h, start with RTEMS_USE_BOOTP not defined, explicit Ethernet and Internet address, and with reception of broadcast disabled. Then make the netdemo program and boot it using BOOTP, after boot up, some problems rise up.The following is the screen output:
RTL NIC base: 0xE9000000 irq:0x5
hardware address <00:00:EC:D0:1F:C7>
Cann't bring rl1 up: Too many open files in system
Cann't set default rout: No such Process
No routes
Creat sockets.
RTEMS: Cann't create socket:Too many open files in system
RTEMS:fatal erro, exiting
EXECUTIVE SHUTDOWN!Any key to reboot... 
I have tried what I could think about.Now I have no idea what to do next. So please give me some suggestions.Thanks a lot!
Before this, I boot an rtems application(EPICS example application) on 386 target with BOOTP successfully. That is to say, the target using this 8139 driver could configure herself with BOOTP correctly.
Shao Mingchao
Engineering Physics Department
Tsinghua University
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