debugging realtek 8139 driver

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Jan 16 14:04:13 UTC 2003

> "M.C.Shao" wrote:
> hi,
> all,
> I am debugging a realtek 8139 NIC driver for RTEMS according the
> "RTEMS network supplement". According to chapter 4.3: driver basic
> operaiton, I edit the networkconfig.h, start with RTEMS_USE_BOOTP not
> defined, explicit Ethernet and Internet address, and with reception of
> broadcast disabled. Then make the netdemo program and boot it using
> BOOTP, after boot up, some problems rise up.The following is the
> screen output:
> -------------------------
> RTL NIC base: 0xE9000000 irq:0x5
> hardware address <00:00:EC:D0:1F:C7>
> Cann't bring rl1 up: Too many open files in system

This one is actually easy to explain.  Many versions of the network
demos do not include a line like this to make sure there are enough
file descriptors configured for more than stdin, out, and error.


The default number is 3 so 20 should be more than enough for the
network demos.

Which version of the network demos are you using?

> Cann't set default rout: No such Process
> No routes
> Creat sockets.
> RTEMS: Cann't create socket:Too many open files in system
> RTEMS:fatal erro, exiting
> EXECUTIVE SHUTDOWN!Any key to reboot...
> ------------------------
> I have tried what I could think about.Now I have no idea what to do
> next. So please give me some suggestions.Thanks a lot!
> BTW:
> Before this, I boot an rtems application(EPICS example application) on
> 386 target with BOOTP successfully. That is to say, the target using
> this 8139 driver could configure herself with BOOTP correctly.

This is simply a configuration problem.

> --
> Shao Mingchao
> Engineering Physics Department
> Tsinghua University
> Beijing,100084,China

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