Mark.Hann at Mark.Hann at
Tue Jan 21 14:19:39 UTC 2003


I am new to RTEMS and I have some questions concerning the use of
GNAT/RTEMS with a Sparc BSP.

Only the 'Classic API' is documented in Ada.  Is the POSIX API available to
Ada programs?

Is the full Ada95 standard supported by GNAT/RTEMS?  I assume the high
level Ada constructs (tasks, protected objects etc.) are mapped to RTEMS
primitives by the cross compiler, if it is supported.  I assume that the
mixing of Ada high level constructs and direct API calls is not a good

How stable is GNAT/RTEMS v4.5.0?  Are their any snapshots available for it?

Is Ada (without using any high level constructs) and the 'Classic Api'
generally preferred to the use of the full Ada95 standard?

Has anybody any experience with GNAT/RTEMS and Sparc BSP?

Thanks for you help.


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