RTEMS SS-20030128 available --> My $0.02

Pogoda Don L Contr AFRL/VACC Don.Pogoda at wpafb.af.mil
Fri Jan 31 14:12:43 UTC 2003

With all these forks, spoons, knives, patches, snapshots, photos, branches, trees, limbs, etc, etc, it sure would be nice if someone would come up with an app note which, at the very least, provides references on how to understand all these concepts.  Ideally, it would describe how to maintain your development environment in detail.  Especially considering the various downloadable versions of 4.5 on the web site (i.e. the actual 4.5.0 link, the CD-Working version, etc, etc).  

While the RTEMS documentation is pretty clear on the installation process from a given distribution (except where you are given untar instructions to uncompress a .bz2 file :) ), I am certainly lost on how all this other stuff.  Maybe a case of trying to learn RTEMS at the same time as trying to learn Linux!

For what it is worth ....... 


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Jack Cawkwell wrote:
> Has the cd image been tested? I mean, has anyone taken the cd image
> and on a clean machine, loaded the rpms' and source and successfully
> built RTEMS?

That hasn't been done by OAR yet.  At this point around here, it would
take doing a fresh install on a machine.  Even my laptop is polluted
in this sense.

Any feedback on this before we get to it would be definitely valuable.


> Cheers, Jack
> joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com writes:
> >
> >A new RTEMS snapshot is available.  I hope this is the last snapshot
> >before a release branch is forked.  It is available in
> >
> >ftp://ftp.oarcorp.com:/pub/rtems/cd-working
> >ftp://ftp.oarcorp.com:/pub/rtems/snapshots/rtems/current
> >
> >A number of nits fixed, loopback network test added to samples,
> >and BSD sysctl() interface supported for the TCP/IP stack.  This
> >allows the standard SNMP package to work with RTEMS.  The BSP Howto
> >has been updated to reflect use of automake and the Getting Started
> >has the versions updated.
> >
> >A few of the Ada binding tests link and run now but the Makefiles
> >need some magic before they all will.
> >
> >Feedback greatly appreciated.  I am mentally setting a timer and
> >if there are no bad reports, when it goes off the release branch
> >is forked.
> >
> >FWIW I am not merging the API change to rtems_io_register_name.
> >It will be a post release item.
> >
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