ITRON 4.0.0 Specification in English

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Mon Jan 6 19:30:35 UTC 2003


Apparently, the English translation of the ITRON 4.0.0 specification 
was released last year.  It is available at:

The current RTEMS ITRON support is based upon the 3.0 version of the

Personally I would love to see the implementation updated to the
4.0 revision.  There are a handful of ways this could happen:

  + sponsor OAR to update the implementation
  + volunteer to update a manager as a personal project
  + student project
  + class project -- the bulk of the initial 3.0 implementation 
    was done by a graduate real-time class I taught.

ITRON support in RTEMS has always been a pet idea of mine.  I would
love to see it updated and know that someone is using it. 

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