GDB 5.2 Configure parameters

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Fri Jan 10 20:22:56 UTC 2003

"Michael J. Siers" wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to build gdb 5.2 for the i386 with the rdbg support.  I have
> applied
> the three different patches:
>    gdb-5.2-rtems-base-20020612.diff,
>    gdb-5.2-rtems-cg-20020612.diff
>    gdb-5.2-rtems-rdbg-20020612.diff.
> I built gdb using the following configure command but I get an undefined
> command
> when I type "setrpcmode sun" using the i386-rtems-gdb binary.
>   ../gdb-5.2/configure --prefix=/opt/rtems --target=i386-rtems --norecursion
> Do I need to enable rdbg on the configure line?  What configure options
> should be
> used to build this?

the targets for rdbg mode use "RTEMS" not rtems as the latter part of
the target name (e.g. i386-RTEMS). 

Worse, the rdbg code does not compile with 5.2 due to some changes in
gdb.  Eric Valette is trying to make time to look into fixing this.
Until then, if you see how to make it compile, you get a gold star. :)

Once it is compileable by 5.2, I wanted to work on the configuery 
magic so it could be turned on automatically if the host had the correct
set of features.

> Thanks
> Mike Siers

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