Fw: FAT-FS HD write speed

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at imd-systems.de
Mon Jan 13 08:55:24 UTC 2003

Hello Peter,

I must confess that I did not look into the code from Eugeny, 
but at least my driver works totally in polling mode, and I 
think this is a major issue concerning speed. 

> Hi Leon, Thomas, Eugeny,
> I'm a little bit confused now. What I got so far:
> There are three different rtems implementations available for  ATA drives.
> 1) One from Thomas Doerfler
> 2) One from Eugeny Mint
> 3) One from  Leon Pollaks
> 1) and 2) seems to differ mainly in code organization (libchip vs bsp). 3)
> is not integrated in
> rtems and works like a "user space" ATA driver and provides basic
> functionality (i.e. no subdirs etc.) but 
> seems to be very fast.
> Is this correct?


> Because I like to use 1) or 2) what are the real differences regarding
> implementation? Are both solutions maintained?

No, my solution is not available in the original source tree, 
and according to recent discussions it would be the better way 
to implement a proper driver based on Eugenys design.

> - - the same libblock code?
> - - the same fat12/16/32 code?
> ...
> Peter
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