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Francesco Poletti fpoletti at
Mon Jan 20 16:52:24 UTC 2003

sorry but probably I don't explain my problem very well.
I have looked in the source code and, as I expected, the only shm_driver.h file
which I found was in the c/src/lib/libbsp/shmdr directory.
In that file there are the structure of the shared memory MPCI, in my board
there is shmsupp but I don't written the shm_driver.h file... 
If I put the shm_driver.h and the mpci.h file in the install directory I can
build the appliclation but the arm-rtems-gcc command use the no-mp.rel file:
may be a problems of the Makefile?

Francesco Poletti wrote:
> Hy,
>    I had succesfully build rtems for my multi arm simulator, then I run the
> mptests routine and all works.
> Now I want to build a sample application but I received this error:
> -/home/poletti/rtemsmulti/arm-rtems/arm_bare_bsp/lib/include/confdefs.h:357:18:
> mpci.h: No such file or directory
> that happened when I hadded to the file test.c:
> #define NODE_NUMBER 1
> I have looked into the build routines and I found mpci.h in the directory:
> arm-rtems/arm_bare_bsp/lib/include/rtems/score/
> but I don't found the shm_driver.h.

mpci.h defines the interface between RTEMS and the BSP specific MP
software layer.  

shm_driver.h is the .h file for a specific MPCI layer.  If your BSP does
not have "shmsupp" then it isn't installed.  So arm_bare_bsp does not
have shared memory support.  See a BSP that does (mvme147 or mvme136).

> Another strange things was that I found in the
> rtemsmulti/arm-rtems/arm_bare_bsp/lib directory the no-mp.rel file.
> I don't know the scope of that file but I found the name really "strange"...

Just because RTEMS is configured to support multiprocessing doesn't
mean you have to use it.  That file means that the MP manager is
still not required by every application.  MP apps should not link
with it though.

> Thanks to anyone which help me!
> Francesco

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