Gnat/RTEMS questions

Per Dalgas Jakobsen pdj at
Thu Jul 10 10:37:25 UTC 2003


I'm in the process of setting up a development environment in Windows for Gnat/RTEMS to be used on an embedded i386 PC target.
I'm new to RTEMS and Ada, so please bare with me, if stupid questions are placed...


I have installed RTEMS and GCC with Ada-support.
Current set-up:
*) rtems-ss-20030417
*) gcc-3.2.3
*) newlib-1.11.0
Compiled with pc386 BSP - meant to be running on a standard(?) Pentium PC.
Installed under Cygwin on a Windows 2000 box.

My target is connected to host through an ethernet connection and boots via Etherboot (located on a local harddisk) from a tftp server on the host. Etherboot is configured for tagged- and elf-images.

I have managed to compile and execute both the C and Ada hello-world examples. (ada-examples-20030129) - Very nice.



What will be the simplest setup with the above constrains? Should I use i386-elf or just i386?
Any additional patches that can make life easier for the average developer?

Instead of this rather extensive makefile in the ada-example, I would like to be able to execute a "gnatmake <my_ada_file>" and get my executable. Is this possible at this point? I guess not - Ohh well, it's not that bad with the makefile.

Anyone have a better setup for developing Gnat/RTEMS applications?

Where to find Ada-source-code, general and RTEMS-specific?

I would like any comments, ideas and suggestions you guys might have on this.

Best regards

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Thank you in advance.

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