bootpc timeout on private network

Feng, Shuchen feng at
Thu Jul 10 15:06:03 UTC 2003


Did anyone  boot RTEMS  sucessfully via a private network instead
of a public one ?  When the  ethernet communication  of Bootp/tftp
client/server is placed on a public network with an ethernet hub,  I
was able to boot RTEMS.  However, when the  ethernet
communication of Bootp/tftp client/server is placed on a private
network (clinet machine to server machine, point to point), the tftp
downloaded the RTEMS image, However, I  got  the error message :
"BOOTP timeout for server 0xffffffff".   Both  public and private
setups reside on one PC (two ethernet card).   To switch between
the public and the private network,  I changed the  IP address of
the Bootp/tftp client/server, the netmask, and the gateway in the
bootptab file. The domain name server was taken out  of the
bootptab file for the private network.  Did I miss other steps ?

I ran a simple bootptest  client on the private networked bootp server,
and it worked fine. On the same private network setup, I was able to
use  ftp/nfs to run  vxWorks  application.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. : The attached is the capture of the boot process, which shows
the IP address of the provate network.


Copyright Motorola Inc. 1988 - 1999, All Rights Reserved

PPC1 Debugger/Diagnostics Release Version 4.5 - 09/24/99 RM01
COLD Start

Local Memory Found =02000000 (&33554432)

MPU Clock Speed =333Mhz

BUS Clock Speed =67Mhz

Reset Vector Location  : ROM Bank B
Mezzanine Configuration: Single-MPU
Current 60X-Bus Master : MPU0
Idle MPU(s)            : NONE

L2Cache:       NONE
Initializing System Memory (DRAM)...
System Memory: 32MB, ECC Enabled (ECC-Memory Detected)

SelfTest/Boots about to Begin... Press <BREAK> at anytime to Abort ALL

NetBoot about to Begin... Press <ESC> to Bypass, <SPC> to Continue

Network Booting from: DEC21140, Controller 0, Device 0
Device Name: /pci at 80000000/pci1011,9 at e,0:0,0
Loading: epics/crate1/bin/example.exe

Client IP Address      =
Server IP Address      =
Gateway IP Address     =
Subnet IP Address Mask =
Boot File Name         = epics/crate1/bin/example.exe
Argument File Name     =

Network Boot File load in progress... To abort hit <BREAK>

Bytes Received =&896748, Bytes Loaded =&896748
Bytes/Second   =&128106, Elapsed Time =7 Second(s)

Residual-Data Located at: $01F88000

Model: 000000000000000000000000000(e2)
Serial: MOT041642A
Processor/Bus frequencies (Hz): 333372448/66674564
Time Base Divisor: 4000
Memory Size: 2000000
Original MSR: 3040
Original HID0: 82
Original R31: 0

PCI: Probing PCI hardware

RTEMS 4.x/PPC load:
Uncompressing the kernel...
Kernel at 0x00000000, size=0x1d0de0
Initrd at 0x00000000, size=0x0
Residual data at 0x001d1000
Command line at 0x001d8000
Now booting...
Welcome to rtems-4.6.0pre2(PowerPC/PowerPC 604/mvme2307) on MVME 2300
OpenPIC found at C1000000.
OpenPIC Version ? (2 CPUs and 17 IRQ sources) at 0xC1000000
OpenPIC Vendor 0 (Motorola), Device 0 (Raven), Stepping 2
OpenPIC timer frequency is 8334057 Hz
Universe II PCI-VME bridge detected at 0xC1040000, IRQ 11
Universe Master Ports:
Port  VME-Addr   Size       PCI-Adrs   Mode:
0:    0x20000000 0x0F000000 0x10000000 A32, Dat, Sup
1:    0x00000000 0x00FF0000 0x1F000000 A24, Dat, Sup
2:    0x00000000 0x00010000 0x1FFF0000 A16, Dat, Sup
Universe Slave Ports:
Port  VME-Addr   Size       PCI-Adrs   Mode:
0:    0xC0000000 0x01FE0000 0x80000000 A32, Pgm, Dat, Sup, Usr
Overriding main IRQ line PCI info with 5
Registering /dev/console as minor 0 (==/dev/ttyS0)yDEC Adapter found !!
DC2114x : driver has been attached
boDoCt2p1c1_4ixn i8t::0 :u3sEi:n2gD :n4eEt:w1oEr kI RiQn t1e0r fIaOc e1
1'0d0c01 'M
C1041000 .........
Bootpc testing starting
bootpc hw address is 8:0:3e:2d:4e:1e
BOOTP timeout for server 0xffffffff
BOOTP timeout for server 0xffffffff
BOOTP timeout for server 0xffffffff
BOOTP timeout for server 0xffffffff
BOOTP timeout for server 0xffffffff
BOOTP timeout for server 0xffffffff

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