configure error while building RTEMS 4.5.0 on linux host

anand v anand1216 at
Sat Jul 19 09:35:45 UTC 2003

hi all

  I want to install RTEMS 4.5.0 on my linux PC.

For this I downloaded the RTEMS tarball from the
gaisler website and as per the instructions given in
"README.configure" text file..i attempted to build it
from the build directory...the configure process
stopped and returned to the shell prompt after
printing 100's of lines of some information ....the
last 2 lines pointed to some error...


[xxx at yyy build]$
[xxx at yyy build]$
[xxx at yyy build]$ configure
                 checking for------ 
                 checking for-------
                 creating Makefile
                 configuring in ./c 

   finally the last 2 lines are:

checking for             
 failed for c
[xxx at yyy build]$
[xxx at yyy build]$
[xxx at yyy build]$


can anybody tell me whats going wrong?...i mean what
do tthese error messages mean?

thanx a bunch in advance for any help in this regard..

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