about Intel 82559ER device driver.

David liu rtems_204 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 21 01:55:49 UTC 2003

Hi all,
  I have some questions about rtems's tcp/ip network system,please help me.
  My target is Intel PIII and the BSP is PC386 . The RTOS is the rtems-4.6.0pre3 and the network device is Intel 82559ER.
  The application is the sample netdemo,sometimes my target works very good,for example
  1. ping the pc running Rtems/netdemo that it is ok!
  2. connect using telnet 24742 that it is ok!
  3. Send a `s' command to send TCP data packets that it is ok! 
  4. Send a `u' command to send UDP data packets that it is ok!
  BUT,let's trouble is that my target sometimes halt.
  The information of the halt is shown in the following:
  Exception 13 caught at pc 105D72 by thread 167837699.
  Processor execution context at time of the fault was  :
  Error code pushed by processor itself (if not 0) = 0
   ************ FAULTY THREAD WILL BE DELETED **************
  Why? who can help me?

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