new RTEMS user

Ed Sutter els at
Mon Jul 28 20:02:36 UTC 2003

Well I've made some good progress regarding building...
I basically started over and installed the RTEMS-specific
tools (binutils & newlib), then I was able to run 
"configure", "make" and "make install" for RTEMS and 
everything completed successfully.
Next, I built the hello world application, and that too
built ok.  Cool!

Now I want to see what is necessary to get the bsp modified
to work on my hardware.  I am currently working with the
gen405 BSP and I want to put it on a CSB472 (small PPC405-based
card from Cogent Computer Systems).  
I need to look at things like SDRAM initialization, cpu clock
frequency, serial port configuration etc... and adjust as
needed.  I found some of the IO-specific stuff under 
c/src/lib/libbsp/powerpc/gen405, but I didn't find anything
related to the real low level startup (SDRAM init, parallel
io configuration, etc...).

My goal is to boot this as a file in the TFS file system of
MicroMonitor, then hook TFS up to RTEMS.

So, I basically have two questions...
1. Anyone familiar with the gen405 bsp that can point me to
   the low-level target-specific stuff (sdram, pio, etc..)?
2. I'd like to just browse the whole "startup" scenerio
   for this BSP.  I'm guessing that a lot of this is generic
   and some of it is target-specific.  Is there any commonality
   between BSPs for this stuff?  (for example, do all BSPs use
   "reset.s" as the file that contains the entrypoint code?)


Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> On Fri, 2003-07-25 at 18:35, Ed Sutter wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I'm brand new to RTEMS.  I'd like to try it out on a PPC405
> > board I have.  I just downloaded rtems-4.6.0pre4 and ran
> > configure with the following options...
> >
> >    --target=powerpc-rtems --disable-itron --program-prefix=ppc-elf-
> >
> > I'm hoping to be able to build RTEMS using the CYGWIN X-TOOLS package
> > from MicroCross, that's why I add the --program-prefix=ppc-elf-
> This probably won't work without major effort.
> > Anyway, the "configure" ran through successfully, but when I ran
> > make RTEMS_BSP="gen405" it very quickly told me it could not find
> > "powerpc-rtems-gcc".  I thought that the "--program-prefix=ppc-elf-"
> > would deal with this.  Any idea what I may be doing wrong?
> You are misinterpreting --program-prefix.
> --program-prefix is the "program-prefix" to be used to prefix programs
> when installing them. In general, for example, configuring a package
> with --program-prefix=foo- will cause a program "prog" to be installed
> as "foo-prog".
> For RTEMS --program-prefix is meaningless.
> What you actually are looking for is CC_FOR_TARGET
> (cf. configure --help of rtems-4.6pre3).
> In your case, you have a chance to getting started with something
> similar to this:
> configure --target=powerpc-rtems CC_FOR_TARGET=ppc-elf-gcc
> Anyway, I would recommend using a powerpc-rtems-toolchain instead.
> Ralf

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