A few questions about PPPD...

Nicco pigeon.nicolas at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jun 4 20:04:41 UTC 2003

I'm trying to use PPPD in server mode in my project, but as it doesn't
seem to work correctly, I have a few questions about it.
1)       Do I need an interrupt driven serial driver, or is my polled
driver OK ?
2)       In the function ppdmain (file rtemspppd.c), after the interface
has been correctly established, there's a while loop ("while (phase !=
PHASE_DEAD)") and a call to wait_input which seems to wait for an event
to resume. What is the RTEMS_EVENT_31? What is the expected behavior of
this function? Should it resume after some time has elapsed (I think
about timeleft(&timo); if this is the case, the returned value is always
the same, and above 500000 in my case) ? 
3)       Just after that, get_input seems to expect a full packet to
process it. How can it be done if the serial driver is an interrupt
driven one? It's possible that get_input is called while the packet is
arriving, and it would thus be considered as corrupted.
4)       If get_input really need a complete packet, it should be OK if
I use my old polled driver and detect when the serial line is idle to
return from my read function. Am I wrong?
As you can see, I really don't understand how PPPD work with Rtems :-(
Could anybody give me clues to overcome these questions? 
Thanks !!!
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