m68k and m68k-rtems-ld

Nicolas PIGEON pigeon.nicolas at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jun 18 11:38:28 UTC 2003


This morning a problem occured when I tried to run an home made program with RTEMS on my 68302 board. Every program I compiled since this morning ran fine, even the bigest ones, this kind of issue was never seen before: On m68k processors, the address space on startup is only 8ko, so the whole boot code has to be there. But with my program, the linker places some big routines there, and one of the boot function (Boot_phase_1) is at 0x24ff and thus cannot be reached. I ran large programs before (such as httpd), and there were very few routines there, and the proc. was able to go to boot_phase_1 (which configures the chip selects).
I know it's not really a RTEMS problem, but there's anybody to help me here... 
Is there a way to tell the linker to put these routine anywhere else, or to force him to put boot_phase_1 at the correct place? I guess It could be done easily, but I don't know how...

Thanks !

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