Cleanest 68360 BSP?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue Jun 17 21:55:06 UTC 2003

Scott Newell wrote:
> I'm doing a little bit of hobby hacking on the Moto 68EN360, courtesy of a
> repurposed flowpoint sdsl router.  Which BSP would be the best to use as a
> reference, especially for CPU init at startup and ethernet configuration?
> >From what I can tell so far, the flowpoint is pretty basic: 1MB of flash,
> 2MB of dram, 68160 PHY, console using an onchip UART, BDM.  Not much else
> on the board.

gen68360.  It has a network driver in it and supports the on-CPU

Eric Norum wrote this BSP and AFAIK it is fairly painless to adapt
to any 68EN360 based board.

> thanks!
> newell

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