make fileio example???

Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at
Tue Jun 10 06:59:06 UTC 2003

Am Fre, 2003-06-06 um 16.12 schrieb Thomas Doerfler:
> Hello David,
> it seems, the files "ata.h" and "fsmount.h" are not, where 
> they should be.
Where should they be?

Apart from fsmount.h seemingly not yet having been merged into the
sources, ata.h currently is installed  and preinstalled to libchip/*

Inside of the build-tree:

Inside of the installation tree:

Besides these locations being arguable in general [1] and particular
[2], I don't see what's technically wrong with it.

>  There was a problem I think that these files 
> have not been installed during "make install". As a 
> workaround, if you copy these files to your project, 
> everything should be fine.
> Ralf, can you have a look at these two files (and the 
> appropriate auto* files)?


[1] I prefer all rtems-specific files to be located in rtems-specific
"system"-subdirectories to avoid mixing non-rtems with rtems-specific
headers. Though $prefix/<target>/<BSP>/lib/include currently in most
cases is such kind of directory, it not necessarily is such directory)

[2] This implies using #include <libchip/ata.h> in application code
using "ata.h". I'd prefer not to mention "libchip", in paths and to be
using #include <rtems/ata.h> or #include <rtems/ata/ata.h>.
However, this is more or less a matter of style but technical

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