Makefile problem was Re: make fileio example???

David wu rtemswq at
Mon Jun 16 06:44:08 UTC 2003

Thanks to all,
  I have build fileio example,successfully.
I am sure ,after i make install rtems-4.6.0pre3, some
.c and .h files have not been installed,
just copy files to fileio example(ata.h ata.c
ata_internal.h fsmount.c fsmount.h
ide_controller.c),and modify some file, it looks like
ok,i can make out fileio.exe.

Bit another problem got out,when i boot my computer by
grub and run fileio example, I can see FILE I/O Test
  But when i select "P->part_table_initialize" ,i got
message as below:
  ---unused dynamic memory:32157772 bytes ---
  hda result = 25
  ---unused dynamic memory:32157772 bytes ---
  i know "result = 25" is mean RTEMS_INTERNAL_ERROR
,but how to resolve this error???  

	David wu
BTW,i am sorry for my poor english.

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