Makefile problem was Re: make fileio example???

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at
Mon Jun 16 19:30:17 UTC 2003

Hello David,

currently I can only guess: 

I have grepped through the cpukit source tree for 

cd <path_to_your_rtems_source_tree>/cpukit

I found several references in "ide_part_table.c" and "ata.c". 
Maybe you can have a look at these sources to find out 
possible reasons for your error? 

Maybe the partition table is different to the way it is 

Sorry, this is not much. Do you have a debugging possibility 
for the relevant code?


> Thanks to all,
>   I have build fileio example,successfully.
> I am sure ,after i make install rtems-4.6.0pre3, some
> .c and .h files have not been installed,
> just copy files to fileio example(ata.h ata.c
> ata_internal.h fsmount.c fsmount.h
> ide_controller.c),and modify some file, it looks like
> ok,i can make out fileio.exe.
> Bit another problem got out,when i boot my computer by
> grub and run fileio example, I can see FILE I/O Test
> Menu.
>   But when i select "P->part_table_initialize" ,i got
> message as below:
>   ---unused dynamic memory:32157772 bytes ---
>   hda result = 25
>   ---unused dynamic memory:32157772 bytes ---
>   i know "result = 25" is mean RTEMS_INTERNAL_ERROR
> ,but how to resolve this error???  
> Thanks 
> 	David wu
> BTW,i am sorry for my poor english.
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