Port to Atmel AVR RISC processor

David Dudley rtems-users at StarBlade.com
Wed Mar 5 21:03:25 UTC 2003

Has anyone attempted to port rtems to the Atmel AVR chip family?

Looks like I'm going to have a requirement for one, so if no one has .... 
well, its started.

Got a question, or two before getting started, though:

1. The "Porting" guide doesn't reflect the structure of the RTEMS directory, 
but rather, the 'build' directory, from what I've seen.  Is there a document 
that describes the source directory, and what goes where (and where things 
are to start with??? )?

2. How do the libbsp/libcpu directories get built into the "build" directory?  
It appears that files are actually copied from one place to the other - 
what/how are the files determined, and why didn't you just use symbolic 

3. in the cpukit directory, is the file structure 'reflected' into the build 
directory somehow? ... and if so.... how?

4. What "*.ac" files need to be modified to add the new architecture into the 

5. Is newlib support a requirement?  I now have a C compiler that efficently 
compiles code for the processor, but there isn't any runtime support, to 
speak of.

David Dudley

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