PC386 BSP vs. paranoia - unable to run prerelease

Angelo Fraietta angelo_f at bigpond.com
Tue Mar 11 03:55:13 UTC 2003

  This is exactly the problem I am experiencing now with the the 
prerelease. It is stopping at the exact place in the pc386 build.
(Note that this is not the pc386dx build - it also does not work, but 
paranoia does for it)  Strangely, the pc386dx paranoia is passing.

The behaviour is identical on the sample from the build on all three 
host development platforms: OSX, linux, and cygwin

Is anybody else having trouble running the samples?

Eric Norum wrote:

>Angelo Fraietta wrote:
>>Which RTEMS snapshots are Build tools are you using ?
>>Eric Norum wrote:
>>>I'm new to the RTEMS/PC world and I'm having troubles.  The latest
>>>problem is that paranoia does not seem to run properly on my 486-DX2/66
>>>target (pc386 BSP).  I get a couple of `FAILURE' messages (they scroll
>>>by awfully quickly) and then it locks up after printing:
>>>Testing X^((X + 1) / (X - 1)) vs. exp(2) = 7.38905609893065041e+00 as X
>>>-> 1.
>>>Is there some code to set up the floating point mode that's missing from
>>>the BSP?
>Following up my own posting.
>It turns out that the problem seems to be related to the compiler.  When
>I run the non-optimized version of paranoia on RTEMS it completes and
>reports a single DEFECT (just like on Linux).  Interestingly enough,
>when I run the optimized (-O4) version on Linux it locks up in exactly
>the same place as does the optimized version on RTEMS.
What ended up happening here? How did this get fixed?

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