Problems setting up the libcpu directory structure

David Dudley rtems-users at
Fri Mar 14 17:27:41 UTC 2003

I've run into a little problem setting up the libbsp/libcpu directory 
structures for the AVR chip.

I defined a structure like this (which is a mirror of the structure of the 
'sh' directory):
  + avr
      + DL16  (our particular board name)
  + avr
       + ATmega128  (chip on the board)

Inside the ATmega128 directory I have the drivers for the console, clock, rtc, 

Inside the DL16 directory I have the drivers for our specific board 

The bootstrap program runs with out any errors, and builds the links into the 
avr directories.
OK, now when you do a configure, things go fine.  No errors or anything else.
When you run make however, the make starts building the package, making the 
directories and copying files around, and eventually gets to the libbsp and 
libcpu directories.  The libbsp directory looks like its defined OK, and gets 
copies of the stuff from the avr/DL16 directory, however, when the make moves 
to the libcpu directory, it creates a directory called ATmega128 (right?), 
and then tries to do a preinstall on the DL16 subdirector, which of course, 
doesn't exist.

Whats wrong?  I have looked and looked, and I've built the directory structure 
and files in what it looks like is the right form.

Also, under the libbsp/avr directory, is it OK to have just our board name 
directly at that level, or wouldn't it be better to list it as a subdirectory 
of the company name (such as "StarBlade/DL16")?

David Dudley

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