Problems setting up the libcpu directory structure

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Fri Mar 14 18:09:52 UTC 2003

David Dudley wrote:
> I've run into a little problem setting up the libbsp/libcpu directory
> structures for the AVR chip.
> I defined a structure like this (which is a mirror of the structure of the
> 'sh' directory):
> libbsp
>   + avr
>       + DL16  (our particular board name)
> libcpu
>   + avr
>        + ATmega128  (chip on the board)
> Inside the ATmega128 directory I have the drivers for the console, clock, rtc,
> etc....
> Inside the DL16 directory I have the drivers for our specific board
> implementation.
> The bootstrap program runs with out any errors, and builds the links into the
> avr directories.
> OK, now when you do a configure, things go fine.  No errors or anything else.
> When you run make however, the make starts building the package, making the
> directories and copying files around, and eventually gets to the libbsp and
> libcpu directories.  The libbsp directory looks like its defined OK, and gets
> copies of the stuff from the avr/DL16 directory, however, when the make moves
> to the libcpu directory, it creates a directory called ATmega128 (right?),
> and then tries to do a preinstall on the DL16 subdirector, which of course,
> doesn't exist.
> Whats wrong?  I have looked and looked, and I've built the directory structure
> and files in what it looks like is the right form.

Without looking at source, I would say that your RTEMS_CPU_MODEL is set
to the
name of the BSP (DL16) not the same of the CPU model (ATmeage128). 
the dl16.cfg file in make/custom.

> Also, under the libbsp/avr directory, is it OK to have just our board name
> directly at that level, or wouldn't it be better to list it as a subdirectory
> of the company name (such as "StarBlade/DL16")?

It might make a nice organizational aid but since no one has ever tried
that I am prone to guess that something will depend upon libbsp/CPU/BSP
the structure.  So far, putting BSPs into CPU subdirectories has
clutter.  If you want, call the BSP starblade_dl16 and have the best of
worlds.  A more unique name and no worries of a subdirectory.

> David Dudley

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