Discrepencies in the Porting Manual

Salman unix at gofree.indigo.ie
Fri Mar 7 03:52:57 UTC 2003

On Thu, 2003-03-06 at 17:19, David Dudley wrote:
> Lets see....
> 1. Starting on Page 5 of the Porting Manual
>   "c/src/exec/...."  That path does not exist.  I assume that you actually 
> mean "cpukit/score/..." as the base path
Some documentations such as the the Porting Guide are still inline with
rtems-4.5.0 and hence to some extent out of date.

> 2. I don't see anything in the manual regarding make files, or directory 
> layout, or any details on how to actually "construct" the port, although 
> there is a description of some of the routines.
> <nitpicking mode> Also, it seems to me, that a portion of the bsp manual 
> should actually be in the porting manual (a major part, maybe), since it 
> seems to actually be directed more toward porting than the porting 
> manual.</nitpicking mode>
depends on what you're porting
finding a similar existing port and having it as a guideline is probably
the best
regarding makefiles, you can find some useful stuff in mailing list
archives, but eventually it boils down to 3 main things
bootstrap (to create all configure & Makefile.in files)

> 3. How do you define which parts should be in "libbsp" and which parts are in 
> "libcpu"?  For instance, on this AVR, there are IO and ANALOG ports on the 
> device itself, so are they a part of the cpu, or bsp?  From what I can 
> gather, it appears to me that libcpu is for items supported by the cpu 
> itself, and libbsp is for supplemental items supported by the "board".  Is 
> that right?
I think your statement is correct


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