(Fwd) Re: DOSFS bug fixes, IDE drivers and sample released

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at imd-systems.de
Wed Mar 19 08:00:56 UTC 2003

> I have downloaded all the patches and performed the build, however, the sasmple is not being built.
> I also configured with --enable-tests, but still the sample was not built.
> I tried to build it using a makefile, however, I got a compile error unable to include /rtems/ata.h
> I looked in the install directories, however, ata.h is not there (it is in the source directory)
> Do I have to do something special in the configure to build this?

Yes, since the rtems source tree has been modified (some 
directories added etc) you will have to "bootstrap" the 
autoconf/automake files to get them up to date. So you hae to 
install the proper autoconf/automake versions for rtems-
4.6.0pre1 (see the tool versions specified either in the 
source tree or on the OAR ftp site), and then go to the rtems 
source tree base directory and type


Make sure to have some coffee and a good book nearby, because 
this procedure take a lot of time.


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