GDB 5.2 Line number out of range error

Derick Hammond derick at
Thu Mar 20 06:06:56 UTC 2003

Hello All:

Well I rolled back to the following


     rtems-base-gdb-5.2-P2          \__ These are my homemade RPMS.
     m68k-bdm-rtems-gdb-5.2-P2  /

I added in my m5206ec3 BSP code, re-configured and compiled. Then I set a 
breakpoint for bsp_cleanup using the hello sample, and it worked fine. It 
also worked for the mcf5206elite BSP as well.

Then I thought I would eliminate my BSP. I only updated the following:

     rtems-ss-20021118 to rtems-4.6.0pre1
     autoconf-rtems-2.52-0 to autoconf-rtems-2.57-1
     automake-rtems-1.6.2-0 to automake-rtems-1.7.2-1

Re-configured and compiled for mcf5206elite BSP. Tried setting a breakpoint 
on bsp_cleanup and bingo, the line number is out of range.

Then I re-configured and compiled for efi332, mvme167, and mcf5206elite BSP.

Using m68k-rtems-addr2line on the hello sample for each of these BSPs. With 
a bsp_cleanup address derived from the appropriate hello.num file. I found 
that the efi332 and mvme167 worked fine, but the mcf5206elite returned an 
incorrect line number.

Can anyone suggest where I can start looking for what causes this fault?

Thanks in advance.



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