where is the header file "tmacros.h"?

Salman unix at gofree.indigo.ie
Mon Mar 24 16:06:03 UTC 2003

On Mon, 2003-03-24 at 15:35, M.C.Shao wrote:
> hi,friends,
> When I build network test application "netlink" of network-demos-4.6.0pre1, "tmacros.h" couldn't be found by the compiler, and I didn't find this file in my rtems installation directory. so i guess that this header file should be contained in another stand-alone packages.
> where is the header file "tmacros.h" contained?
> thanks,

tmacros.h is somewhere in the rtems source directory.

I *think* it's just a series of macros and definition,

so just go ahead and copy it to your app. source code directory, and
change #include <tmacros.h> to #include "tmacros.h"

alternatively copy it to your rtems installation directory !


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