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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Fri May 2 13:40:05 UTC 2003

Angelo Fraietta wrote:
> Joel Sherrill wrote:
> >I need to see if they are happy with the code on the 3.3 branch and
> >make it apply to 3.2.3.  I will likely just go ahead and put out the
> >first 3.2.3 RPMs when that happens.
> >
> >Sorry for it not being a clean patch.
> >
> I'll continue using Ralf's patch.
> I have noticed, however, that the current tools on the ftp still has gcc-rtems-20030326.diff
> and not gcc-3.2.2-rtems-20030425.diff.
> Why is that?

Almost all of the time, the patches on ftp.oarcorp.com correspond to
those used to build RPMs so they are thought to be in good enough shape
to build the tools for all targets and those tools in turn can build

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