Question about DRAM and Workspace in elite

Victor V. Vengerov vvv at
Fri May 23 14:25:23 UTC 2003

zhe zhang wrote:

>  In cf5206elite bsp in ss20030417.
>	1.  DRAM releated macro is defined in .h , but not used to initialized anywhere. Insteadly extern SRAM is used for running , and I find many other BSPs act as the same. Why ?
I have tried to define all registers and bit fields as it was in
documentation. I have no SDRAM on board I have used for BSP
developing, therefore I have just miss DRAM initialisation. I have not
tried to use SDRAM on ColdFire, but I beleive
it should work once somebody initialize controller correctly.

Am I catch your question correctly?


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