Question about DRAM and Workspace in elite

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Fri May 23 13:21:10 UTC 2003

zhe zhang wrote:
>   In cf5206elite bsp in ss20030417.
>         1.  DRAM releated macro is defined in .h , but not used to initialized anywhere. Insteadly extern SRAM is used for running , and I find many other BSPs act as the same. Why ?

I suspect the constant in question is just one that says how much memory
is available
regardless of the type.  But I don't know precisely what you are
referring to.

>         2.      BSP configuration is found initialized before program ( sample "hello" ) begin to run , that is to say , items in it is set when compile and link. Such as item work_space_size in this structure . Can you tell me where is the value set ? And where should the items in the structure be initialized in common ?

This is all part of the RTEMS Configuration Table.  All of the supplied
and (I think) most user applications use confdefs.h to do this.  See
on Automatic Generation of System Configuration at:

Basically this places applications specific limits on the maximum
available to the application from RTEMS.  The defaults are very small in
interest of minimizing resource utilization and often 0.

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