Webserver integration

Gerald Klaucke Gerald.Klaucke at t-online.de
Thu Oct 23 11:00:53 UTC 2003

I try to integrate the goahead webserver in my system. Until now i was just 
reading and have some questions:

	as a real embedded system i have no filesystem so i have to save my
	html-pages in rom but the webserver offers only the opportunity to include
	pages in rom only during system generation and not during application 
	generation. Why, i don't want to generate the whole system only becourse of a 
	little change i a html-page.

	where can i find the webcomp executable or a description to generate the
	webcomp executable?

	where can i find a webserver howto, with a description howto integrate the
	webserver into the system, howto start and howto configurate the webserver on
	start or during runtime?

Gerald Klaucke

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