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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Thu Oct 23 16:13:05 UTC 2003

Gerald Klaucke wrote:

> I try to integrate the goahead webserver in my system. Until now i was just 
> reading and have some questions:
> 	as a real embedded system i have no filesystem so i have to save my
> 	html-pages in rom but the webserver offers only the opportunity to include
> 	pages in rom only during system generation and not during application 
> 	generation. Why, i don't want to generate the whole system only becourse of a 
> 	little change i a html-page.
> 	where can i find the webcomp executable or a description to generate the
> 	webcomp executable?

What's a webcomp?  You can load the initial contents of the website from
an uncompressed tar image in ROM.

The contents of the files are used from the tar image but the filesystem
is actually the IMFS with the contents loaded from that image still in
the ROM.

So you can load a website/filesystem with a starting set of files and
generate others on the fly.

> 	where can i find a webserver howto, with a description howto integrate the
> 	webserver into the system, howto start and howto configurate the webserver on
> 	start or during runtime?

There is an example in the network-demos which does all this.

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