RTEMS/GNAT - Gnat-5.01 on gcc-3.2.3 partially successful... (fwd)

Per Dalgas Jakobsen rtems at knaldgas.dk
Thu Oct 23 19:20:18 UTC 2003

Hi all,

After some frustrations I decided to try another approach to GNAT/RTEMS:
Compiling a gnat5-modified gcc-3.2.3 on Linux for RTEMS.

First part: compiling a native Linux compiler: success (haven't validated
it yet though).

Second part: compiling a cross-compiler Linux->RTEMS: partially
I got it to the point where it fails to find the System.Os_Interface.
Acceptable since I didn't attempt any rtems-gnat-patch at all.

I do not expect the gcc guys to merge the entire gnat5 branch into
mainstream gcc since the Ada-patches apparently breaks something in the
C++ backend(?) - So if GNAT/RTEMS is to be re-enabled in the near future,
I would say that a gcc-3.2.3 with the gnat-5 patches is the way to go.

Anyone up to make the necessary GNAT-patches for RTEMS?
If so, I will provide the build scripts (and source-files if needed).
I would be happy to test the patches daily so we can get a working
GNAT/RTEMS quickly :-p

Best regards
Per Dalgas Jakobsen

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