RTEMS on Altera NIOS processor

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Wed Oct 1 22:55:02 UTC 2003

Brett Swimley wrote:

> Xlinx has their MicroBlaze processor and associated GNU tool chain 
> available from their website.  I believe there is a ucLinux port out 
> there for the MicroBlaze.
> I looked into it a bit about a month ago as an option for us but it 
> looked a bit premature for our use, as I recall.

This doesn't look like a particularly hard port either.  With 5 minutes 
of analysis, the interrupt model
looks somewhat like the ARM or MIPS where you end up in a general 
routine and have to go fishing
to determine what happened.

The gdb simulator specifically does not have any interrupt sources 
according to the documentation
so one would probably want to use the cycle accurate XMD after a certain 

I should have mentioned on the other post that generally RTEMS is quite 
stable quickly on a port.
Most of RTEMS is completely processor independent so it is just a matter 
of getting the CPU
dependent code right.  There is also very little performance tuning for 
the same reason.


> Regards,
> Brett
> Eric Norum wrote:
>> Has anyone out there looked into the possibility of running RTEMS 
>> applications on a NIOS embedded (on a FPGA) processor?
>> If nothing else, it already has a good project code-name (ROACH - 
>> RTEMS On A CHip)!

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