Problem with gdb script

Brett Swimley brett.swimley at
Thu Sep 4 20:29:30 UTC 2003

Hi all,

I'm using some of the gdb script commands that Joel had put together way 
back when for examining task information.  I'm using a patched version 
of gdb 5.2.1 with support for the Linux BDM driver for the ColdFire.  
Previously, I was using gdb 5.0 and had no problems.

I'm using rtems-ss-20030417 and the gcc-3.2.3 toolchain.

I'm trying to do the following with gdb:

p (Thread_Control *)_RTEMS_tasks_Information.local_table[0]

I get an error:

No symbol "Thread_Control" in current context.

gdb apparently doesn't like the cast.

Am I doing something wrong?  Has there been some RTEMS restructuring 
that would cause this error to occur?

I  am not using any gdb "directory" directives.  I did not use those 
with my prior version of gdb and everything worked fine.

Any suggestions appreciated.



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