Where is the clock driver

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at imd-systems.de
Sat Sep 6 18:56:36 UTC 2003

Hello Leon,

two things:

1. Try to define 


before including "confdefs.h"

2. If you have your own driver table, 

you need to add 


to your device table.

Hope this helps,

> Hello.
> 	I understand that this is stupid, but what can I do? All the day I try to 
> solve this stupid problem, search all the RTEMS source tree with Source 
> Navigator and do not find...
> 	I added the 
> 	to system.h file, even recompiled everything, but still, the resulting 
> application executable does not contain the existent clock driver, which I 
> have in my BSP (derivative from the mpx8xx bsp).
> 	What must I for the driver to be attached!!??
> Thanks to all.
> -- 
> leonp at plris dot com

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