Where is the clock driver

Leon Pollak leonp at plris.com
Sat Sep 6 20:45:08 UTC 2003

On Saturday 06 September 2003 22:26, Thomas Doerfler wrote:
> Now you got me: in fact (at least in snapshot
> 20021111) you can also specify
> which sounds more like what you (and most people)
> want to do. The effect is the same (at least in
> current soruce versions, see "confdefs.h")

I defined the CONFIGURE_APPLICATION_NEEDS_TIMER_DRIVER, this was my error.
The difference between TIMER and CLOCK on the application level seems to be 
not so clear for unfamiliar user...

Do you know where one can read about all these definitions?

Thank you.
Leon Pollak
leonp at plris dot com

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