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Tue Sep 9 10:55:47 UTC 2003

Fabio Degiovanni - Eicas wrote:

> Thank you very much for your help, I appreciated it very much.
> I need to solve compleatly the problem, so I have some more questions:
> -you told me that most likely the .bss section is not included in the 
> output image. I presume that this happen always because the 
> uninitialised data are created run-time. Am I right? 

Since it is uninitialized variables, it is really just reserved space in 
memory which is reserved in the linker script.
I have also seen linker scripts with minor errors which resulted in 
extra large bss sizes being reported.  Is
your linker script in the primary tree or custom?

> -you told me that I must have some huge arrays declared in that code, 
> but I presumed that my bss section would have been much smaller. I 
> tried to do sparc-rtems-size to every object files and than I summed 
> up and I found:
>  text    data     bss     dec     hex
> 117506  181240    4816  303562   4a1ca
> Is the difference between the object files size and executable file 
> only due to the static linking of rtems libraries? In this case it 
> seems that the umount of uninitilalised data is introduced by the 
> rtems libraries. What's the difference between doing sparc-rtems-size 
> on the executable and on the object files?

The libraries just like you think.  I don't think there is 9806288 - 
4816 in uninitialized data in
any of the libraries.  You are only pulling in about another 100K of 
code but getting 9.4 MB
of data.

I think there might be a linker script file mistake in this case.  Which 
one are you using?

Also look at the symbol table sorted by size (sparc-rtems-nm --size-sort 
and see what's so big.


> Thank you very much
> Fabio Degiovanni
> Joel Sherrill wrote:
>> gregory.menke at wrote:
>>> Fabio Degiovanni - Eicas writes:
>>>  > Dear Sirs,
>>>  >                 thank you very much for your answer, you have to 
>>>  > apologize me, but I mistook the question. What happens to me is 
>>> that the  > executable is smaller than what sparc-rtems-size returns.
>>>  > To explain better:
>>>  > -ls -l HISA returns 1869954
>>>  > -sparc-rtems-size HISA returns
>>>  >    text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
>>>  >  231488  183040 9806288 10220816         9bf510 HISA
>>>  >  > I understood well your explanation about the possibility that 
>>> the output  > file is bigger than the sum of the .text, .data and 
>>> .bss sections, but I  > cannot understand why  my output file is 
>>> smaller than the sum of the  > ..text, .data and .bss sections.
>>> Most likely the .bss section is not included in the output image.
>> Correct.  And yikes!! You must have some huge arrays declared in that 
>> code.
>>> Gregm

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