execution stops at rtems_rate_monotonic_create() ?

kmedri kmedri kmedri at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 5 17:25:10 UTC 2004

>There is an error message in kph_task which says you couldn't create the
>period and then the test exits.  I suppose that the console IO is not
>being flushed completely.

I have added fflush() to tasks.c prior to the suspect exit statement in the
following place:

//this is not reached
puts( "kph_task has stopped executing\n" );

No improvement. I was also wondering - the other tasks do not even 
indicate that they are called. I tried exit(1); prior to the
rtems_rate_monotonic_create() - it allows a clean reboot while with my 
problem the system just hangs.

I appreciate help in getting my tasks to run, thanks

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