Downloading RTEMS

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue Apr 6 21:51:23 UTC 2004

kmedri kmedri wrote:

>> I am trying to download RTEMS for my Linux OS.  I used the RTEMS 
>> Download Helper  and got the listed files I needed.  I tried to used 
>> the link to get the listed files, and I got an error page" The page
>> cannot be displayed".  I located the same file in a RPM form.   I 
>> tried to install them with RPM,  but I get a message I am missing a 
>> RTEMS Base file.  Where is this file located of this file?  Or am I 
>> doing something wrong?

The -base portion is the target CPU independent part of the tool
installation.  For example, the documentation for gcc is the same
for all target gcc's.  You have to download a base and a target
specific RPM.  See

which gives the list for a sparc example.

And with a tip of the hat to Ralf, you can also use apt or
yum and greatly simplify the entire job.

> I noticed that depending on which release/version you choose there's a 
> double slash "//" in the url. You may be able to just remove one of 
> them, I navigated manually to the appropriate files.

Please file a PR on that if you remember it.

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