How many Timers Can I Create???

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Mon Apr 12 14:43:33 UTC 2004

Alex wrote:
> Hi,
> Does RTEMS has a confifured maximum number o timers it supports, or it naturally crashs when too much timers are created?
> In an test I am doing I have the following:
> #define CONFIGURE_MAXIMUM_ 150
> Then I have source code to create 100 timers, but when the program starts it hangs, even before starting sreating the first timer. The timers are created with the timer_create POSIX function.

Sounds like the BSP was unable to assign the memory for that much
workspace.  Most BSPs look at the amount of memory required for
the workspace and figure out the starting address of the workspace
dynamically (see almost any bspstart.c).  If that fails, they  die
early in the initialization process -- usually before any output
is possible.

> If I configure maximum timers to 10 and if the source code only creates 10 timers everything is fine.
> I searched in the limits.h but I found noting... :-(

The limit is simply a function of how much memory is on your target and
what the total set of objects configured for RTEMS is.

> Where could I find this kind of "system limits", for timers or for something else, like tasks, etc ???

The hard design limit is 65535 of each kind of object.  The
real limit is how much memory you have.

> Many thanks,
> Alex
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