MPC555 port, and follow-up on PowerPC support

Felix Schill felix at
Fri Apr 16 07:19:10 UTC 2004

Hi everyone,

> I came across this cleaning up my Inbox and it reminded
> me that I needed to announce that I have just merged
> David Querbach's BSP for the MPC555 based Intec
> Automation SS555 board.

Great, good news! Is anybody working on a BSP for the ec555-light board
by Wuerz-Electronics? That's the module I use (I think it's the smallest
mpc555 you can get), and I'll need a BSP for it. I probably can modify
one of the other 555-BSPs.

About the PowerPC-crosscompiler with Ada (my earlier mail):

Thank you, Ralf, for your help. I tried the 4.6 rpms from the link you
sent me, and they worked fine. Now I have to find/create/modify a BSP
for my board, and hopefully everything will be fine then.

> Hmm, I don't understand. Using the download helper you should have
> obtained rpms. Nevertheless you seem to be trying to build the
> toolchains manually. Why?

Well, yes, the download helper came up with rpms, but unfortunately all
the links to rpms it came up with were broken:

I tried to find rpms on the ftp server, but couldn't find them myself,
so I decided to try to build it from scratch (should've looked harder, I
Maybe the download helper should be fixed, to avoid this in the future.

Thanks a lot again for your help, and your detailed description of the
current gnat-crosscompiler situation.


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