unix bsp

Martin R. Calsyn martin at commonspace.net
Mon Aug 2 15:02:37 UTC 2004

I am running the 20030703 snapshot with the cygwin tool chain and newlib
4.  I've successfully built for and run on the m68k/mrm332 bsp (although
I had to edit the makefiles - cygwin's make doesn't like the .PRECIOUS
directive).  Now I am trying to build and run for the 'unix' bsp.

There must be a trick to this that is eluding me.  At first it
complained about there being no unix.cfg.  A symlink to Cygwin-posix.cfg
fixed that, but in spite of the presence of a c/src/lib/libbsp/unix
directory, the make fails claiming that no 'unix' bsp exists.

My configure command was 
	../rtems-ss-20030703/configure --disable-networking
--enable-rtemsbsp=unix -prefix=/opt/rtems-4.6

and the result was:
checking if cpu unix is supported... yes
checking for make/custom/unix.cfg... yes
configure: error: unable to find libbsp directory (unix) for  unix
configure: error: /bin/bash '../../rtems-ss-20030703/c/configure' failed
for c

Any hints or tips for building a cygwin-native unix bsp for doing quick
tests would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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